All my life i wanted to live abroad .. Every single day of my life.. That was my dream. 

So life taught me another lesson.. Fun! My book of lessons is growing quite abit, impressive stuff. 

As i grow older, year by year, i realize something that sort of surprises me. I feel more attached to home. Which if you told me would happen a few years ago i would literally laugh out loud. 

No matter how hard i try to convince myself that i can build a life anywhere i go, there is just no way for me to believe it. 

Living abroad has its perks, its freedom, but for some reason it is an aquired taste. Sadly, not for me. 

The older i get, the more i want to settle down and have a certain level of stability. I want babies and a home that feels complete.. Is that hard to ask? 

Being back home for the holidays is a blessing and a curse.. I want time to stand still, i want to cherrish every moment, at the same time i dont want to settle into it all, the bandaid will hurt too much once its time to rip it off. 

Life really finds ways to challenge us, i refuse to give up, no matter how challenging it gets, how emotional i am, i will survive and build the life i always wanted. 
Watch me. 
*writes lesson #5000 into book of life* 


Late Night, Scattered Thoughts

Do you get those days where you live in a moment over and over again, one from a different time in your life? That memory repeating itself, over and over and over, your poor little heart is victimized by constant attacks by your brain, over and over again. Where is the button? How do i switch it off? you keep asking…. stop please! Make it stop!

Yet, Still, you find yourself in a little box, trapped, just you and that memory. Alone.

Yeah .. you’ve been there. We all have.

Now, that memory might be a painful one today, causing your heart to race, your lungs to compress and every little tiny cell in your body to hurt. I will tell you this…

One day, once you come to peace with it, this memory will be a welcomed little package, filled with smiles and a breath of fresh air from your daily routine. Don’t believe me? just wait for it. Remember me when it happens.

Man-kind is funny that way, we were made to adapt. Our bodies have their own little routine, even though you think you are in control, you really are not. No matter what you do, how much you try, your mind, body & soul will adapt when they are ready to, in their own sweet time, All you can do is distract yourself while they do their job.. which is? …. To get your sweet little behind off the ground, back on your feet, ready to face the world’s struggles once again.

Anyway, back to our memory.. As i grow older, i learn to appreciate my brain so much, the way it works .. My personality fascinates me, so does my mind..  It drives me insane when i realize how, every single time i think i’m in control, it turns out my mind, my personality, my whole being is taking over .. No matter how hard i try, i say “ok, this time i will do things differently!” haha! it never works! my personality always wins, my mind always takes over all my actions! It’s rather beautiful if you ask me.

How can a mind turn something painful into something so warm and pleasant. Amazing!

When it happens to you, i assure you, fascination will dawn over you.. and a smile will brighten your face up.

Now that that’s off my chest, i shall grab my kindle and a cup of coffee and spend a few pleasant hours on my balcony, reading.

Till next time,



When a Blessing comes along…

I read a quote that made me laugh a few days ago, it said .. “if good things are in store for me, where on earth is the store?”

That was my inspiration to write this post.

We all have those moments in life, when the wait becomes frustrating. We always need to remind ourselves, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, “Shine”,  not to sit and just wait. Enjoy every moment as it comes, trust me, the day will come when your little ‘Customized Blessing’ will knock on your door, with a warm hug and a big smile.

I mentioned (again, in “Shine'”) that 2013 was going to be my year, I wanted to own it, to make it the best year I had ever experienced in all my years of living. 2013 was a good year, no doubt I made it a point to end the year knowing I covered every task and goal on my list.

Turns out, life had better plans for me.. 2014 came with many pleasant surprises, plus a little Customized Blessing.. Just for little old me.

No words can describe how surprised, and shocked I was, when I realized that this year is by far the best year of my life already.

This post is mainly to share details of the past few months of my life, the experiences, the lessons and my current analysis of Life as a whole.

As always, I hope I can be of help to at least one of you, seeking the right words to feel better, or to get that little push to help you get out of a rut you may be stuck in today.

Shall we begin?

So 2014 started with travel plans, my best friend, or I should say, my sister and I, had been planning a dream trip quite literally on a daily basis for 6 months of our lives, until that dream actually came true January of this year. It goes without saying that those 20 days spent on our trip were probably the most “happy” days of the past few years of my life. No joke.

While on vacation, I got a call about a job offer, a job I thought I had lost after receiving a rejection email from that same company 6 months earlier. Keep in mind that I had been unemployed and searching for the perfect job quite literally for 2 years with part-time jobs popping up every now and then.   The call came out of nowhere, gave me something to look forward to now that the trip was ending and the return to reality was nearing.

Starting the new job was a huge adjustment, adapting to the busy life of finance took most of my time and energy, both in the office and out. Being the most hyper ‘girly girl’ in existence, it took every cell in my being to help shape into the serious, professional working girl I needed to be for the job. Worth every minute. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity.

In between all that, I made a few new friends (one of my favorite things to do, meet new people). Little did I know that those wonderful individuals would end up being positive additions to my life. For that I am extremely grateful. It is so important to surround yourself with the right group of people for you, for your personal growth and for theirs as well.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I trying to say that 2014 from day one till this day was perfectly flawless, filled with rainbows and smiley faces. Here is where we come to the more “lesson filled’ part of my year.

I must admit, I lost my way a little bit in the past few weeks, an extremely early Mid-Life Crisis you can say. With everything going wrong in my life the past few years, it felt strange to have a lot of good come at me all at once, I unknowingly messed it up with my own hands. A wakeup call was in order, which is exactly what I got. Reaching rock bottom, mentally and emotionally really took its toll on me. Without going into details, my response to that wakeup call was (in a nutshell) a series of emotional roller coasters, from sadness, to fear, followed by extreme anger, till I got to where I am today… Acceptance.

Every event comes with a lesson, every person with a role, they can either help make you or break you. The aftermath is in your hands, what happens to you is entirely up to you. Help you-Save you.

Now that I’m back on track with my priorities and goals for the year, everything is so clear, for once in my life I know exactly what I want (Which is very rare for a Gemini), and nobody is going to stand in my way of getting it. (Unless The Rock shows up unannounced, then I would be helpless) my apologies, had to throw in some humor otherwise I wouldn’t be me.

Anyone notice that I didn’t talk about my little customized Blessing yet? I was planning on it, but somehow as I was writing, I realized my little customized Blessing deserves a post of it’s own ❤  Sometime in the near future hopefully.

So, my Beautiful Souls.. this post has come to an end.. I will leave you with my little conclusion..

Lesson of the first quarter of the year; Always remember that you deserve to be happy. If happiness comes along, embrace it, don’t panic and allow yourself to scare it away.

Enjoy what life gives you, make it grow, become the best version of yourself that you can be, and then some.

I wish you all a week filled with warmth and blessings of your own.


The Little Red Bow.


The other day, i was out with one of my closest friends and like any two girls, having coffee, we discussed random details of our past and present, as well as some predictions of our future (yes, typical girls) with that being said, my dear friend suggested I write a post about something i said to her that day, so here I am, writing about it 😀

To some extent, i believe there is a perfect time for everything, the perfect moment if you may. I also believe that there is a perfect time for Everyone. Yes, a perfect time for Every single one of us. What do i mean, you ask? lets discuss this further shall we?

There is/was a time, in each and every one of our lives, where we stopped and thought ” Why ME? Why is my life not the way i want it to be? When is MY turn to be happy?”  don’t tell me you never thought to yourself for one moment to ask one of those questions, we’ve all been there. It is never easy to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, to feel things you don’t want to feel, that feeling that life is rushing by and you are just standing there, feels like you are running to catch up, but you are not making any progress. Sounds familiar? Horrible, i know. But as i always say, there is a bright side. Bear with me.

I woke up one day, feeling like my life the past few years has been a waste, gave myself a moment to let it sink in, took a deep breath, tossed it all out, and promised myself never EVER to let that thought corrupt my mind and soul, ever EVER again. And you know what? it actually worked! Easier said than done, i know, but i did it! and so can you! Trust me.

Since that day, my life has taken a surprisingly positive turn. it is amazing how a positive attitude can really attract positive vibes into your life. Believe me, i was probably the last person to ever admit that this works, but i tried it, and based on my life’s recent events, i am a Believer.

I’m not saying I have become Queen of my own land or anything fancy like that, but life has given me a few hugs, to put it in simple terms. There were a few things bothering me for a while, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i got all the answers and solutions i needed, they came to me, right at my doorstep. i know! it is crazy!

Those recent mini events got me thinking, is it my time? is it finally my time to shine? … and you know what i realized? i WANT it to be my time, it is about time i start shining! So i decided, i am MAKING it my time to shine! Those little events gave me the strength i needed, that little push to feel as if i can do anything i want! i can achieve anything, this IS my time. i feel it.. deep inside.

So, here is what we are going to do, my beautiful shining stars.. we are going to Shine.. Shine like never before.. Shine and show the world what Beauty WE are made of.

How? Simple:

  • Think of things that make you feel good, something that motivates you, like what you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want to have. 
  • Once you have made that list, think about how good each point on that list makes you feel, let that sink in, you need to WANT it badly.
  • Let that feeling serve as a reminder on a daily basis for what you are working for, what you are living to achieve.
  • Do NOT let one negative thought/emotion corrupt that positive, motivated mind of yours, EVER.

Once you make sure all that is taken care of, you will have the right, positive attitude you need, it will show in your eyes, your face will glow with positive energy.. the vibes will attract everything positive and pleasant towards you.. Life will turn into one gorgeous rainbow, one color at a time. Be patient, trust me, it will happen.

It is Our time to Shine *heart*

Shine Bright Like a Diamond (I had to add that, the song was stuck in my head all night)

Warm Hugs,

The Little Red Bow.