All my life i wanted to live abroad .. Every single day of my life.. That was my dream. 

So life taught me another lesson.. Fun! My book of lessons is growing quite abit, impressive stuff. 

As i grow older, year by year, i realize something that sort of surprises me. I feel more attached to home. Which if you told me would happen a few years ago i would literally laugh out loud. 

No matter how hard i try to convince myself that i can build a life anywhere i go, there is just no way for me to believe it. 

Living abroad has its perks, its freedom, but for some reason it is an aquired taste. Sadly, not for me. 

The older i get, the more i want to settle down and have a certain level of stability. I want babies and a home that feels complete.. Is that hard to ask? 

Being back home for the holidays is a blessing and a curse.. I want time to stand still, i want to cherrish every moment, at the same time i dont want to settle into it all, the bandaid will hurt too much once its time to rip it off. 

Life really finds ways to challenge us, i refuse to give up, no matter how challenging it gets, how emotional i am, i will survive and build the life i always wanted. 
Watch me. 
*writes lesson #5000 into book of life*