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Random Thoughts (2)

Doesn’t it frustrate you when you see an adult treating a child badly?

This is a topic i can dedicate my whole life to!

First of all, i LOVE children.. i mean.. they are God’s most beautiful blessing♥

How can you look at a child, those innocent eyes and yell at them? How can you ignore them? How can you tell them to go do something else because you don’t want to play with them or listen to what happened during their day?

Breaks my heart to tiny pieces watching that happen right infront of me.

And don’t get me started on child abuse.. that isn’t even human. Heartless. I can’t even talk about it.

A child’s smile is the most pure most innocent thing your eyes will ever see.
How can you take it away from them?


I made a promise to myself that if i ever have children one day, i will try my best to always keep a smile on their beautiful angelic faces. How can i not?

Hope you are all well,

*big bear hug*

The Little Red Bow.


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