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Dare to Live

Ever had a thought running through your mind, Something you really wanted to do, but fear kept holding you back?

That is what i want to share with you today.. an experience of mine.. one that i believe changed me in more ways than one.

I, like many others around me i’m sure, took a decision when i was 15 yrs old.. we all know not every teenage decision is solid..Well, i decided to do something out of the norms of my family and my social circle. Something i was deeply convinced by, and nothing anyone else told me made a difference to change my mind. I obviously heard alot of harsh comments about it.. with time things simmered down.

As the years passed by, people around me started doing the same thing i did.. it started becoming more popular in my social circle.. people began supporting it and for some reason having very narrow minded opinions of it, turned it into something other than what it should be, took the purity out of it.

Nine years later, at the age of 24, i decide i want a change once again.. go back to what i used to do, how i used to be, just a better version of me.. but what holds me back? .. Fear..

Fear of what? .. People.. the same people that were against my action as a 15 yr old, are now pro, with a strong harsh opinion.. and will be against my current action.. ironic isn’t it? How people are so quick to judge, and don’t realize that they follow the exact same paths that they frowned upon.. only difference is they are much slower to get there.. so who gets the egg on the face? The one who gets there first.

After months of war in my head, i decide to go through with it.. no matter who says what.. and i did.. faced my fear.. got it over with.. and never been happier.. the freedom of a fearless life.. its beautiful♥

I’m not telling you its easy, it is a challenge.. one you need courage to get through.. but you can do it.. i faced my fear, i faced those who didn’t approve.. and i’m a happier person because of it.

There isn’t one thing you can’t do in this world, once you put your mind to it.. it will happen.

So go out there.. face your fear.. make that thought a reality.. Live♥

Make the person who matters the most happy.. You♥

Hugs and kisses♥

The Little Red Bow.


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