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Friendships are cherished for their value, for the love and care that come with them, the fun and memorable times shared together.. once we start losing those friendships we realize the value of what we have left compared to the ones no longer existing.. the importance of what we have around us, some people just are not meant to stick around, they are meant to be lessons well learnt and nothing more.

Frienship is a beautiful thing, once you find the right one, hold on to it♥ for those are the ones so difficult to find, i’ve been blessed with quite a few of them, cannot immagine my life without them in it.

This post is a dedication to my dearest friends (you know yourselves)
Thank you for adding light and sparkles to my life. Thank you for being there when i needed you. Thank you for accepting me as i am. Thank you for being you♥

Words cannot even begin to express your value♥


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