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Random thoughts (1)

My thoughts recently have been all over the place, randomness to the extreme.. but what i’ve been noticing quite often is the excitement of a new experience, in many people’s lives around me as well as my own.

Let me clarify, or rather let me elaborate.. i’m sure you’ve all felt that pinch in your stomach, that tingly sensation, also known as ‘butterflies’ .. how do you feel about that? I for one, love it.. its exciting, makes me feel so young and fresh.. so full of life.

It’s been a while since i had this butterfly feeling, life was kind of dull for quite a long time.. Something happened recently in my life, gave me that mini butterfly sensation.. it reminded me that life is so extremely exciting, such a fresh feeling.. gives me more to look forward to!

Things like this, people take for granted,  many don’t appreciate the beauty behind those little things.. life is full of opportunities, each more exciting than the other!

Felt like sharing this in a random mini post..

Hope you are all well,

Warm hugs♥

The little Red Bow


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