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Beauty and The Beast


I’m sure we all agree that the basic and most popular understanding of beauty is: what appeals to the eye. Many of us wouldn’t realize true beauty if it walked right passed us. Many don’t even understand the truth behind Beauty, how spotting true beauty can make everything so much better. 

There is so much Beauty in Life.. So much.. So many blessings.. So many second chances out there.. new and fresh opportunities to live the life we wanted, live the dream.. yet many don’t see it..  Many of us choose to live in darkness.. to see walls and dead-ends instead of doors and windows.. to decide that there is no future for us.. that we can’t even see our futures anymore.. without a certain person, or maybe even without a certain factor, such as a specific job, etc. .. Why?

Why do we always bury ourselves in grief and sorrow, results of a wound that should have healed, yet we refuse to let go of, we refuse to start fresh, we stick to this pain that has become familiar grounds, an excuse for us to run away from actually stepping out of the darkness and start living again. We become bitter, pessimistic, fearful, too safe.. all factors that lead to a dull, almost lifeless existence..  What makes us do this? Why let anything take away our light? What could be worth living in darkness?

This Brings me to the second part of the title.. The Beast.

Each and every one of us has had those moments where thoughts rush into our minds, telling us to give up, telling us that it isn’t worth it, that life is unfair… Many of us give in, so easily.. some take a while longer, but eventually get there.. very few resist the darkness.. this darkness that turns our light off, makes us angry, and bitter, and turns us into a person we no longer recognize.. that darkness i realized, can have no better name than .. The Beast. 

This Beast in your mind is trying to take away any possible shred of hope and light left inside of you..

What can you do about it?

I know sometimes the answer in your mind would be, there is no way out, there is nothing i can do.. but there is always a way out, might be easier said than done at the moment in your mind.. but the answer is very simple.. Fight it..  Don’t let it take over.. YOU are Stronger, turn the Darkness into Light, turn that Beast into Beauty, You look that Beast in the eye, and install hope within it.. turn that negative energy into a great positive force that will help push you forward faster than you could have ever imagined. That is definitely what i would do, what i have done.. Why should we live in darkness? i’m personally scared of the dark.. Light.. now that’s something i like, and intend to have around me for as long as i shall live.

Always surround yourself with positive energy.. Optimistic, fun, caring people… Listen to positive, crazy, lively music, Dress up and decorate your space with bright colors, surround yourself with all the things that make you feel better.. Never, ever give in to that darkness.. Ever. 

Love Yourself.


The Little Red Bow. 


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