The other day, i was out with one of my closest friends and like any two girls, having coffee, we discussed random details of our past and present, as well as some predictions of our future (yes, typical girls) with that being said, my dear friend suggested I write a post about something i said to her that day, so here I am, writing about it ūüėÄ

To some extent, i believe there is a perfect time for everything, the perfect moment if you may. I also believe that there is a perfect time for Everyone. Yes, a perfect time for Every single one of us. What do i mean, you ask? lets discuss this further shall we?

There is/was a time, in each and every one of our lives, where we stopped and thought ” Why ME? Why is my life not the way i want it to be? When is MY turn to be happy?” ¬†don’t tell me you never thought to yourself for one moment to ask one of those questions, we’ve all been there. It is never easy to be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, to feel things you don’t want to feel, that feeling that life is rushing by and you are just standing there, feels like you are running to catch up, but you are not making any progress. Sounds familiar? Horrible, i know. But as i always say, there is a bright side. Bear with me.

I woke up one day, feeling like my life the past few years has been a waste, gave myself a moment to let it sink in, took a deep breath, tossed it all out, and promised myself never EVER to let that thought corrupt my mind and soul, ever EVER again. And you know what? it actually worked! Easier said than done, i know, but i did it! and so can you! Trust me.

Since that day, my life has taken a surprisingly positive turn. it is amazing how a positive attitude can really attract positive vibes into your life. Believe me, i was probably the last person to ever admit that this works, but i tried it, and based on my life’s recent events, i am a Believer.

I’m not saying I have become Queen of my own land or¬†anything¬†fancy like that, but life has given me a few hugs, to put it in simple terms. There were a few things bothering me for a while, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i got all the answers and solutions i needed, they came to me, right at my doorstep. i know! it is crazy!

Those recent mini¬†events got me thinking, is it my time? is it finally my time to shine? … and you know what i realized? i WANT it to be my time, it is about time i start shining! So i decided, i am MAKING it my time to shine! Those little events gave me the strength i needed, that little push to feel as if i can do anything i want! i can achieve anything, this IS my time. i feel it.. deep inside.

So, here is what we are going to do, my beautiful shining stars.. we are going to Shine.. Shine like never before.. Shine and show the world what Beauty WE are made of.

How? Simple:

  • Think of things that make you feel good, something that motivates you, like what you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want to have.¬†
  • Once you have made that list, think about how good each point on that list makes you feel, let that sink in, you need to WANT it badly.
  • Let that feeling serve as a reminder on a daily basis for what you are working for, what you are living to achieve.
  • Do NOT let one negative thought/emotion corrupt that positive, motivated mind of yours, EVER.

Once you make sure all that is taken care of, you will have the right, positive attitude you need, it will show in your eyes, your face will glow with positive energy.. the vibes will attract everything positive and pleasant towards you.. Life will turn into one gorgeous rainbow, one color at a time. Be patient, trust me, it will happen.

It is Our time to Shine *heart*

Shine Bright Like a Diamond (I had to add that, the song was stuck in my head all night)

Warm Hugs,

The Little Red Bow.


Random thoughts (1)

My thoughts recently have been all over the place, randomness to the extreme.. but what i’ve been noticing quite often is the excitement of a new experience, in many people’s lives around me as well as my own.

Let me clarify, or rather let me elaborate.. i’m sure you’ve all felt that pinch in your stomach, that tingly sensation, also known as ‘butterflies’ .. how do you feel about that? I for one, love it.. its exciting, makes me feel so young and fresh.. so full of life.

It’s been a while since i had this butterfly feeling, life was kind of dull for quite a long time.. Something happened recently in my life, gave me that mini butterfly sensation.. it reminded me that life is so extremely exciting, such a fresh feeling.. gives me more to look forward to!

Things like this, people take for granted,¬† many don’t appreciate the beauty behind those little things.. life is full of opportunities, each more exciting than the other!

Felt like sharing this in a random mini post..

Hope you are all well,

Warm hugs‚ô•

The little Red Bow

Beauty and The Beast


I’m sure we all agree that the basic and most popular understanding of beauty is: what appeals to the eye. Many of us wouldn’t realize true beauty if it walked right passed us. Many don’t even understand the truth behind Beauty, how spotting true beauty can make everything so much better.¬†

There is so much Beauty in Life.. So much.. So many blessings.. So many second chances out there.. new and fresh opportunities to live the life we wanted, live the dream.. yet many don’t see it.. ¬†Many of us choose to live in darkness.. to see walls and dead-ends instead of doors and windows.. to decide that there is no future for us.. that we can’t even see our futures anymore.. without a certain person, or maybe even without a certain factor, such as a specific job, etc. .. Why?

Why do we always bury ourselves in grief and sorrow, results of a wound that should have healed, yet we refuse to let go of, we refuse to start fresh, we stick to this pain that has become familiar grounds, an excuse for us to run away from actually stepping out of the darkness and start living again. We become bitter, pessimistic, fearful, too safe.. all factors that lead to a dull, almost lifeless existence..  What makes us do this? Why let anything take away our light? What could be worth living in darkness?

This Brings me to the second part of the title.. The Beast.

Each and every one of us has had those moments where thoughts rush into our minds, telling us to give up, telling us that it isn’t worth it, that life is unfair… Many of us give in, so easily.. some take a while longer, but eventually get there.. very few resist the darkness.. this darkness that turns our light off, makes us angry, and bitter, and turns us into a person we no longer recognize.. that darkness i realized, can have no better name than .. The Beast.¬†

This Beast in your mind is trying to take away any possible shred of hope and light left inside of you..

What can you do about it?

I know sometimes the answer in your mind would be, there is no way out, there is nothing i can do.. but there is always a way out, might be easier said than done at the moment in your mind.. but the answer is very simple.. Fight it.. ¬†Don’t let it take over.. YOU are Stronger, turn the Darkness into Light, turn that Beast into Beauty, You look that Beast in the eye, and install hope within it.. turn that negative energy into a great positive force that will help push you forward faster than you could have ever imagined. That is definitely what i would do, what i have done.. Why should we live in darkness? i’m personally scared of the dark.. Light.. now that’s something i like, and intend to have around me for as long as i shall live.

Always surround yourself with positive energy..¬†Optimistic,¬†fun, caring people… Listen to positive, crazy, lively music, Dress up and decorate your space with bright¬†colors, surround yourself with all the things that make you feel better.. Never, ever give in to that darkness.. Ever.¬†

Love Yourself.


The Little Red Bow.